These young girls like such as ornamental fish that are ready to be selected by the guests who came to visit him.

These young girls like such as ornamental fish that are ready to be selected by the guests who came to visit him.
Finding Htl tvl on Jl Mangga Besar, it is not too difficult. In front of Jl Lokasari no red lights, turn right, and about 50 meters on the left, we will find a four-storey hotel is in her yard is always crowded parking lot packed with cars of various brands.
Tvl hotel is a three star hotel which has the most comprehensive entertainment facilities of three star hotels other. In addition to a room, the hotel also provides a karaoke room, disco, spa, massage, and ‘firing range’.
Not surprisingly, this Tvl hotel every night always visited the guests who want to travel lust.
Every guest who came certainly will not miss the second floor of the hotel. Because there is a restaurant in addition to rendevouz with beautiful girls who is also the place escort ladies display karaoke, there is also next to a large aquarium containing young girls to kencam short-time.
Unlike the LC can also be karaoke to dating, but the pricing is very varied and has no clear benchmark.
“There is Rp1 million, Rp1, 5 million, and there is Rp2 million. Depending on the child, Mas. He who makes his own price,” says Lisa, a ‘mami’ in the restaurant.
“That’s Fanny. He wants to date the origin of Rp2 million, it has a beautiful daughter. Singkawang China, before a date he would menemanin karaoke,” says mom was again explained.
According to mom, cewel-LC cewel karoeke who feel has a beautiful face and a prima donna bandrol installing high enough, while the mediocre average tariff of Rp1 million.
While for young girls in the aquarium, the benchmark price is clear. With money no more than 300,000, including room, condoms, and soft drinks, guests can enjoy the ‘nautical tourism’ by selecting a date according to their respective tastes. The average girl in the aquarium is still young aged between 16-22 years.
In the aquarium it every day not less than 30 girls who stand by sitting around an ornate, ngerumpi, or daydreaming waiting guests.
They were divided into two shitf, the first shift starting at 16:00 until 20:00 o’clock, while the second shift from 20:00 pm until 2:00 o’clock in the morning.
“That, Mas, whose hair was long No. 27, just arrived. Cepet lho selected, Myspace hurried taken,” said Mami Else, who served in the room the aquarium when we were looking at there.
Soon mommy is calling no 27 and introduced him to me. “This Erni, Mas. Only a week in Jakarta from Indramayu,” said another mom.
“Just Rp210.000 thousand, Mas.’ve Same room and get a condom, not expensive khan,” said mom again promote.
Erni white with 165 cm height was seen with gleaming eyes coquettishly while continuing to clamp my hand.
For room can choose, whether in hotels or in a special room in the aquarium which is also a plus-plus massage place. Obviously a different price for hotel rooms, each guest room rates hotels charged Rp150.000/jam.

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