The Firemouth Cichlid Marine Nice Fish

The Firemouth Cichlid Marine Nice Fish
Scientific name: Thorichthys Meeki
Common name: Firemouth Cichlid
Genus: Thorichthys
Order: Perciformes
Class: Actinopterygii
Family: Cichlidae
Origin: Guatemala and Yucatan, Central America.

Tank setup and Equipment: Alot of rocks and driftwood to hide out around. If you want to use plants, keep them in the pot unless they are already well established, fire mouths like alot of cichlids, like to uproot plants especially when breeding. Also don’t over do the decor and leave plenty of swimming room. Fire mouths like fine substrate were they can search for food. Good filtration and a heater to keep temps stable is also. No power head is really needed since fire mouths are found in slower water.

Minimum Tank Size: For one 20 gal, with a pair or other tank mates 29 or larger.

Water Type: Fresh, 74*f to 80*f, pH 6.5-8.5, dH 5-10

Temperament: Rather docile for a cichlid, will become more aggressive during breeding. When the male Firemouth is threaten or becomes aggressive they can flare their gills to show black spots on their gills to look bigger to other fish and try to intimidate them.

Compatibility: Different types of tetras, barbs, but nothing small enough to be considered food. Also other cichlids of the same size and temperament.


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