Keeping Marine Fish Water

Keeping  Marine Fish Water
Actually quite easy. Most required only a little knowledge and learning process to be able to truly enjoy the world under the sea and the beautiful colors of this. Here are some simple tips so that your aquarium water can remain beautiful for a long period of time.

1. Do not ever, do not, never, ever, live ornamental fish to enter in the new aquarium in the setup.
Aquarium conditions so that the original approach should create a “Nitrogen Cycle”. Bersirkulasi the aquarium water will cause bacteria-bacteria that support marine life (aerob and anaerob). This new bacteria appear about 4 weeks.
Tips: For the beginning you can enter some fish Damsel (Damselfish) the rather strong in the quality of water that has not been good. Select “Damsel Ekor Yellow” because this is not the most aggressive (damsel another more aggressive). Select a few.

2. Fish are a little limited.
Too many fish to make fish stress and die easily. Providing food also must be much faster and dirt accumulate. Water quality will go down quickly, and the fish was dead easy. That many fish, aquarium only to a sophisticated and experienced akuaris.
Tips: Choose only a few of the most beautiful fish that you like most.

3. Fish new mandatory “diaklimatisasi”.
Fish purchased a new plastic bag in the first temperature should be adjusted with the temperature aquarium.
Ambangkan plastic fish in the aquarium in 20 minutes. After the plastic is open, enter the water a little plastic fish akurium to new, diamkan 10 minutes. After that, the fish can be added to aquarium. Turn off the lamp first in order not to stress.

4. Give enough to eat 1 time a day only.
For fish, better less than more. 1 time only is sufficient. Food that excess water will reduce the quality of the sea.

5. Live Rock!
This is the main weapon of the world experienced aquaris. Use the “Living Reef” as much as possible to maintain water quality naturally. Living coral reefs are the many parts of the purple. Use at least 1 / 3 of the volume akuariumnya. The price is only Rp 20,000 per stone-an.

6. Plants, is also very good for maintaining water quality.
Main Rumput acid (Caulerpa Sertularioides), Needle Grass (Chaetomorpha) Green or Wine. Vegetation will help reduce the degree Nitrate.

7. 20% water change every 2 weeks. Half, 1 months. Water price is not expensive, only Rp 5,000 per gallon. Please take 1-2 minutes per 2 weeks to treat your aquarium.


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