Cupang Fish Maintenance- Fish World

Are you interested to maintain decorative hickey? To get the type of good, there are a few suggestions for that.
Guard that is still potential (young). Provided that is not disabled, male pairs, healthy and frisky. Note the color of the body that should be bright, harmonious colors, evenly distributed, both in body and siripnya and bermental steel.
According to the experience of the experts, to obtain the decorative potential hickey that is not as good bakalan hickey get complaints. For hickey tub more easily seen excess rather than the type of physical complaints that are considered must also fighter style, whose specification and other behavior that is often difficult to guess if you do not see themselves. Meanwhile, complaints have not hickey quality guaranteed only with figure view.
Hickey Age is potential to be the ideal range 1,5-5 months. In age, the price is cheaper if purchased rather than the adults. After all he witnessed the rise and grow big, have a distinctive absorption. Currently hickey contest for age 3-5 months with Yunior category.
To provide hickey that won the contest in the future, need to exercise. Training is conducted at a fish that is ideal 1,5-2 months with the ideal means for development. Like to train prospective athletes, should also be introduced since early “contestant techniques.”
The steps as follows. When we have a way to buy, hickey to include in the aquarium and given soliter inter-insulator other aquarium. Water used should be replaced once every three days. Nafsu eat to stay awake, chloraminei ammonia water is added to the dose of 2 ml each 2.5 liters of water.
In the morning, open the screen at half height of the water for ten minutes. Hickey this aim to be at each other and to develop siripnya-fin in the water.
After ten minutes, the whole screen is closed again. Then feed to be satisfied, but have not gained so that the remaining food to keep the water.
If the day, figure-opened again. Leave ten minutes at each other. Once complete, the screen is closed and the feed back given. Afternoon, enter into the aquarium hickey female who marries is not ready. Leave for 15-20 minutes. If the female is fierce, immediately separate them. When finished, the new feed is given.
Other training that is not less important is the drying. However, the frequency is not every day, just twice a week and about 15-20 minutes long, while faced with a hickey from another category. After that do not forget to replace the water with penyifonan (disedot), sisakan third. Then fill with water that is already diinapkan.
Ajeg make training more readily hickey conditioning included in the contest “beauty hickey.” But to maintain the integrity of fin and health, before dikonteskan, hickey included in “pelatnas”, specially prepared aliases. The ideal time is one week before the contest. Unbelievable!


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