Fish keeping Makes calmness-Fish world

Keeping fish is not less exciting than other animals.

During these animals are the most commonly used is peliharaan cat and dog. Both animals are preferred by many adults and children, as they often behave funny and entertaining the owner. The names are beautiful and unique given to the regular dog and cat. Moli, Milo, Snowy, Pussy Manis to be given to animal-binantang it.

Although dogs and cats are in the top of the list of pets, it does not mean there is no other animal can be used as a pet. One of the animals that can be used as animal peliharan is a fish. Yes, fish is usually only a sea animal that will be eaten, or as decoration sometimes get less attention.

Although the fish can not buckle ditimang-like dog or cat, but the fish has some advantages compared to these two popular peliharaan. First, the fish is safe for the animals are kept. Not only is not dangerous in the sense can bite as well as dogs, fish are also safe for health. No cases of the disease peliharaan fish infectious to humans as well as dogs, cats, or birds.
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