Aquarium Fish

aquarium fish
Traditionally glass has been used to construct fish tanks but a popular choice among aquarium shoppers today are tanks made of acrylic. Acrylic fish tanks have a number of advantages over those made of regular glass.

*Aquariums made of acrylic weigh less than half that of glass tanks of a similar size, and not only is acrylic lighter it’s also over 10 times stronger than glass. The reduced weight of an acrylic tank makes them much easier to move around and set up. Unlike glass, the added strength of acrylic means that they will be far less prone to cracking, shattering and are virtually leak proof.

*Acrylic is clearer than regular glass and the colors of your tropical fish will be bright and crisp. Acrylic tanks are practically seamless, which adds to their attractiveness, and have no unsightly silicon caulk beads along the corners like you find in glass aquariums.

*Acrylic is a much better insulator than glass which can make for a more easily controlled and maintained environment for the fish. Acrylic can be manufactured into an almost infinite variety of shapes and designs to fit any application.

*Acrylic will scratch easily, so you want to be cautious when doing cleanings and arranging decorations. If you do scratch your tank don’t despair, there are a number of products available for making repairs.

An acrylic aquarium may be the most sensible choice due to their strength, light weight, clarity, invisible seams, and choice of designs. However, be prepared to pay a little more for an acrylic fish tank to enjoy those advantages.


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