Marine Saltwater Aquarium Fish

Marine Saltwater Aquarium Fish
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As direct licensed importers of saltwater marine fish, the reef aquarium fish at Pets Warehouse are checked out before there shipped out. Saltwater fish are well acclimated, tanked and eating (not shipped out the day after being imported and still stressed out!) before you introduce them to your salt water aquarium so you can be assured you will receive them in great condition. Check our Live fish in stock list.
When making aquaria purchasing decisions on the Internet, especially saltwater marine reef fish, its quality, not price that matters. You may find a lower price on an item, but before you make your final decision ask the following questions. What are the size, color and country of origin of the species you’re ordering? We do not import the problematical less expensive fish from the Philippines. How long have the fish been acclimated, are they eating, what are the true terms of their guarantee? What are the handling or other sur charges?


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